Sunshine Symbol is the labour of love of Melbourne based designer Melissa Mikletic. The drive behind the brand is the many female muses it encounters; chiefly Melissa's Grandmother and Mother. Each piece you see is produced in Melbourne by a select team of small production seamstresses. 

We work predominantly with deadstock fabrics, chosen for their quality and beauty rather than their abundance. This means we are able to minimise our waste and our contribution to industry waste, by working with surplus fabrics and not producing our own.

We are personally attached to the notion of local production as we like to keep a close eye on things, meet our makers and have close working relationships with them. We also don't want to over-produce, so we intentionally create small runs of each piece and top up based on demand. If we can't top up it means we have chosen a limited run fabric. We'd rather pieces sell out and are special to those who scored them, rather than keep a warehouse of extra stock.

Our intention is to work as thoughtfully and sustainably as we can. By slowing down the production process, we feel we can offer pieces that have been well considered so that they may be kept and enjoyed for years to come.