Lil Knits

Big knit jumper - Toffee


Hand knitted in Melbourne with 100% Peruvian wool.

Fits size 8-12 (over sized on smaller fits)

A worthy investment and heaven-sent in the colder months, like a constant cuddle.

Limited numbers available.


Natural lavender spray for storage to keep moths away.

Wool has self cleaning properties so your garment need not be washed often. 

If there's spillage or you feel the need to wash your jumper, do so in water no warmer than 30 degrees celsius with a gentle soap or wool soap.

Handwash by gently agitating the water around the jumper.

Once rinsed, lay flat on a towel and roll to dry. 

Do not squeeze or ring.

Washing will accelerate the pilling process so should be done minimally.

Regularly shave with a de-piller to maintain appearance.

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