Mamoru - Lillian glamorous choker

Mamoru - Lillian glamorous choker

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 BEFORE MARCH & MAMORU collaboration

This piece features Gypsophila flowers, cut stone beads and gold pigment. Each circle has an embossed flower giving an added texture and dimension.

Mamoru's beautiful pieces are made in Brunswick and are hand carved, made into a mould and then cast in clear resin embedded with dried flowers and all manner of other beautiful ingredients. Every pressed or dried flower has been collected by the designer and has historical and sentimental importance. The posts are made from surgical steel.

"Due to the handmade nature of the jewellery and accessories, unique imperfections and differences between pieces can occur in all designs. Flowers tend to float in the resin leaving amazing textures on the backs of the pieces, and dyes are mixed by hand so every single piece is completely unique and cannot be duplicated perfectly."