Anniversary sentiments

This is me, photographed by my partner.

As I celebrate another anniversary of Before March, I’m reflective and grateful.

I often think that it’s not the most ‘important’ of jobs, which is largely self protection speaking and I’m always led back to the same justification.

I can say that all of our lives involve contact with textiles, on our person and in our spaces. When we are connected to the origin and purpose of the the things we wear, I believe we treat them with a different reverence which follows through to how we consider their after life.

This is a space that invites you to look deeper at all the subtle decisions that go into making articles with a duty of care. A space that invites you to pay attention to nuances.

 It’s a seemingly simple act - offering something beautiful. To underscore it with our values is in fact quite difficult and faced with compromise. I can say that the pieces we house are interconnected to the values of the people who conceive of them. I am proud to support such individuals. 

The more insidious side to my industry is large conglomerates who have become ever more sophisticated at appealing to our quickest impulses. They homogenise our experience of the world and undermine the value and true cost of making things well and fairly.

I don’t want to scale, I don’t believe in a model where acquiring more leads to people wanting more. I want to maintain something humble and in turn, give you something precious to consider -

Engaging in the dying art of in person connection feeds a community. Supporting values led businesses has ramifications, it determines the kind of future we inherit. Something as seemingly innocent and commonplace as shopping, is in fact rather political. 

I hope more than anything that my work plays a connective role. That when you collect something from us, it adds a bit of beauty and deep appreciation, walking in step with you, wherever you might be headed.

Thank you for these 6 years.