About us

Before March founders Dominique Healy, Melissa Mikletic and Sarah Dalley met through working in a fabric store and quickly began to share daydreams of a space where they could house their wears and the perfect combination of their favourite things in order to inspire and dress the local community. 
The store is a thoughtful curation of locally made clothing and some carefully selected homewares and accessories. The three founders each produce their ranges in Melbourne.
They are admittedly fabric obsessed, with a shared vision of letting the fabrics sing in styles that best honour their individual drape and beauty. The three designers will offer 'Before March exclusive' pieces in smaller run fabrics because in the current fashion climate they understand the importance and joy of discovering a piece that is of limited supply, it makes one's wardrobe all the more special.
Having worked in the fashion industry for many years, Before March feel that clothing offered at a similar price point doesn't tend to be as ethically conscious or considerate of textile choice and quality.
What they aim to bring to the community is high quality, feminine, luxurious and well priced items that drum to a different beat than what might already be found in the area. The space will be a creative and interactive hub with plans to hold classes and events to encourage and foster creativity and connection with the local community.