Birthday sentiments

Before March turns five today.

I'm reflecting on how much tenacity it has taken to get here and how well wishes were underscored with "it's hard work" at the beginning of my journey.

For anyone who is self employed, you'll have known the loneliness of it. But even greater is the liberation, the rewarding feeling of the slow climb. I've learnt so much about perseverance, editing & cutting out the noise; in ways that trickle through everything I do. I've been able to employ and foster relationships with like minded individuals and see our little world renewed through each visitor's interaction.

Like many industries, mine is problematic. Something I long grappled with while I ruminated on how to pave a little corner that preserved and fanned the good in this field; of keeping skill, tradition & craftsmanship alive, with imagination and purpose in equal measure.

A slow savour. A curation that is as much about the beauty of individual pieces as it is about the space between them. That's the foundation we stand on.

A friend once wrote "maintaining wonder is rigorous work". That becomes truer everyday I grow older.

But this is my little corner and thank you to all who've come and stood in it with me.

To keeping wonder alive - with imagination and purpose in equal measure. x