Ruby Jones

Ruby Jones is a Melbourne based musician who I've had the pleasure of playing with a couple of times. She has a beautifully warm energy & the voice of an angel.

How are you coping with self isolation & what are you enjoying about it?

One thing I find strangely lovely about this period of self isolation is that because we’re all working from our homes everyone is suddenly in each other’s lounge rooms. I feel like in a way this forces us to remove the veneer we’ve all constructed in our professional lives. We’re seeing each other in our authentic spaces, no make up, children wondering into frame, mess, uncertainties. As an artist I always try to live in that kind of space, but it’s been really interesting watching my friends who have more conventional professions work without the usual constraints of corporate structures. I feel like this time is humanising the people in our lives and I think that’s beautiful.

What are you working on?

Right now I’ve been working on rearranging my songs to work with just piano and bass guitar in order to perform some live stream shows. It’s been quite a challenge! I was in the middle of recording my album when this pandemic hit so I’ve been figuring out how to keep it progressing without being able to see my band physically. I’ll probably have to delay the release of the full LP until 2021, so I’ll potentially put out another single later in the year - so  figuring out how I’ll do that without the anchor of a live show.  

Any rituals you can share with us?

The only constant in my life is coffee, no matter what happens in the world it’s the one ritual in my life I’ll never change. I bought a grinder online and a new french press so it’s a small luxury I get to have every day, fresh ground coffee! I’ve also been working through a book of Pat Pattison songwriting exercises every morning and trying to run at least once a day. I’ve been cooking a lot of vegan food and I burn incense all day long, lots of scented candles in my house. I’m lucky to be quite busy so I haven't really done the Netflix binge thing, but my partner and I watch a movie together every second night - we just watched In Fabric, highly recommend it. 

What are you reading or listening to? 

Right now I’m listening to When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron on audiobook, I’m also really enjoying the Sugar Calling Podcast, both are like a salve to me right now. My friend Husky made a beautiful playlist on spotify called Husky Sleep Dream Wake I’ve been spinning it for about a month plus I still never tire of the new Weyes Blood record Titantic Rising.

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