Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd

The divine Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd, a Melbourne based photographer who creates deeply evocative imagery. 

Delighted to share this little home series of Ilsa in some Sunshine Symbol pieces, with cameos from a few resident cuties.

Today I am feeling...



A beautifully heartbreaking sentiment that your work is "...highlighting the crushing truth that nothing lasts forever". What are some moments you wish you could pause time for? 

Literally stopping to smell the roses -- a favourite ritual of mine and the kids. Their enthusiasm over something so simple and their joy at burying their noses deep into the rose inhaling such delight. They re-teach me a lot. 

Simpler moments I wish I could find more time for. Interactions, intimacy, slowness. Listening to music with no other distraction but to feel inspired by the notes and lyrics. Flowers and other living things, I wish their enjoyment could be prolonged. But, in a way this is what makes it all beautiful. Our known mortality makes us productive and purposeful, and we can understand that taking in the little moments are just as important as those momentous occasions. I think that's why art is so important - it brings a lot of meaning and communion. 


What helps you feel at peace?

Watching my children. Moving my body. Breathing deeply. Touch. 

What makes you feel alive?

Wild weather, wilder emotions, pregnancy, menstruation, observing others. 

Traits you are drawn to in people...

Lust for life, humour, optimism, kindness, inner beauty, authenticity. 

I am drawn to clothing that...

Expresses the wearer, makes a statement on time or place, is sustainable and comfortable. 

Three songs you always go back to?

1. Nara - Alt-J

2. Do You Realise - The Flaming Lips 

3. Is That All There Is - Peggy Lee

And just for are Wolfgang's locks so luscious? How do I achieve this? Or do I just need to be born again...

haha! Serious... I think "baby hair" is the best hair - so soft naturally and undamaged. He comes from a line of fine, wavy hair, so maybe that has something to do with it hehe. And we've never cut it, only his fringe. I'll tell him you like it, he does too ;) 


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