I recently had the pleasure of spending a Winter's morning in Melbourne musician Jiordy's home - a little northside oasis she shares with her partner Lochlan and pooch Bentley. Burning incense, flowers - fresh & dried in every corner, a pot of brewing tea and Jiordy's abundant openness and warmth - a recipe for a most memorable morning. 

I took this opportunity to ask Jiordy's about her process, her path to music and more below... 

"It makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger than myself"

What are some of your earliest memories of discovering music? 

I loved performing when I was a little girl. I was the one that made everyone watch my elaborate performances. I did everything – musical theatre, tap, jazz, piano lessons, singing lessons – it was an obsession. My mum was a rock chick and she used to gig across Melbourne, so I thank her for introducing me to the world of music and Norah Jones.
Goodness Norah would just always take me to another world. I will always be her #1 fan.

Are there any rituals or practices that help promote your creative flow and place you in that head space?

Yes. Absolutely. I make cup of tea with camomile, honey and oat mylk – don’t judge me until you try it. I bring this with me to every single session. I always have some sort of incense burning, a candle. I am big on journaling too so I always like to write down my thoughts before and after. It helps me process.

Your family plays a beautiful, supportive role in your practice, can you share a bit more about how they've helped nourish it?

My family are out of control supportive. My Dad is very cute. Whenever I get a new mix of a song, I send it to him straight away. He gets out his Bluetooth headphones and sits down with a piece of paper to take notes on all his suggestions / ideas. My little brother says he sees him at least once a night in his usual spot, listening and critiquing. He’s so passionate about everything my siblings or I do. My mum is my muse. She inspires me in every way and is always there to chat when I have a meltdown which can be quite often when the pressure is getting to me. The connection I have with my parents is very special, I’m incredibly lucky.

What kind of thematic landscape is infused in the upcoming release / How would you describe its mood?

It’s natural and raw, smoky and sweet. The upcoming single is the first off my debut EP ‘A Sprig of Wattle’ and it really is about just feeling so at home in myself. I’ve had an interesting life and walked a few different paths. The EP celebrates the pivotal moments in my life so far that have made me unapologetically myself, whether it’s love, pain or learning.
The first single out on June 17, ‘Hard to Say’ is definitely moody. It’s about looking back on something and not being very proud of yourself, but celebrating it anyway.

What else can you share about your upcoming EP release? 

‘A Sprig of Wattle’ has a collection of 4 songs, all of them are ones you haven’t heard before.
For me it was important to keep moving, including songs I have already released didn’t feel right. Also, it will be out in the world in August.

What makes Melbourne a great home base to work from as a musician?

I love Melbourne, whenever I have lived anywhere else I have always been very nostalgic about home. I love the weather – winter is my favourite time of the year – and I love the arts and music scene. It makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger than myself.

If you could curate the perfect live show what would it entail?

I’m all about connecting and stripping down all those layers to let people see who I am, at my most vulnerable. My dream live show would include a symphony orchestra, an incredible old theatre, soft lighting, flowers and maybe some constant Palo Santo billowing out into the crowd. Something sparse, beautiful and memorable.

How would you describe your approach to beauty and style?

Less is more for beauty. I have a very rigid skin care regime and I think everyone should take care of their skin (sunscreen is integral!). When getting ready for something, I always feel my most beautiful when I am rested, and my hair is natural. I only ever use a mineral makeup but that’s in extreme cases. Most of the time it’s nothing on my skin but brows always need to be done and a little dab of lipstick is essential.

Style wise, I do not believe in buying items just because they’re trendy. You should shop because you love something and because you need it. I barely, and I really do mean barely, buy any clothes. I rotate what I have, focus on good quality pieces and dress to be comfortable and feel my best. My favourite pieces in my wardrobe are my slouchy garments, good boots and my kick ass jackets - most of which my Mum has given to me. I am pretty lucky to have a mum who would only buy good quality clothes and shoes growing up and who kept them all for me and my sister (I know)!

What does the next 6-12 months look like for you and what are you hopeful for?

Growth. That’s all I can really ask for or control. I am excited to release the EP, get my live show together and gig to my hearts content. I want to connect, make people feel things and do my best. Of course, I have goals and things I want to accomplish but I keep them very close to my heart. Life is a wild and whacky ride and I’m happy trusting my path and seeing where it takes me.

Can you curate 5 tracks you might play on repeat? 

Come away with me – Norah Jones
Dance – Julia Stone
The Chain – Fleetwood Mac
Norman fucking Rockwell – Lana Del Rey
Too Much - Tora 

You can look forward to the release of Jiordy's debut EP ‘A Sprig of Wattle’ this August.
Special thanks to Stephanie Cammarano for photographing this feature & to Electric Lady PR.

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