Lilli Waters

The divine Lilli Waters is a Melbourne based photographer whose work evokes an otherworldly beauty. Lilli has previously shot campaign imagery for our in house brand Sunshine Symbol and this was a wonderful opportunity to check in virtually on the advent of her new fine art series release.


What have you been working on? / what can you tell us about your upcoming work?

I've been working away on my new virtual solo photography exhibition "Anthropocene, The Age of Humans", which is opening on the 9th of June 2020 via Curatorial & Co. which is very exciting! My exhibition which was due to open in October in a Sydney gallery was sadly cancelled due to restrictions, so I'm very grateful to be given this opportunity to share it.

How have you been coping in isolation?

My emotions change constantly throughout this time, like waves on the ocean. My mind is more fluid than ever, I awake earlier than normal, and quite quickly spring into some kind of daily routine - a morning run, a workout at home via some free app, followed by my favourite ritual of the day, my husband brings me a homemade coffee (no more long blacks from the shop) and I get on with my day, attending slowly to household chores and settling into emails, or working on my art. My husband and I have the time to connect now that he is home everyday, we cook delicious meals together and play chess and have the time to decide what we should watch rather than just throw on any old program. I don’t miss the lack of time, the go-go-go, suddenly, my wishes have come true and everything has stopped, just not in the way I had imagined it though, but nevertheless, being forced to rest and be still has made me question the way my life has been up until now. It has been frightening at times, moments of panic have hit me like a sudden jolt with the future being unknown, but just as quickly, I allow myself to self soothe and succumb to the cosiness of the approaching winter days and am warmed by the compassion and kindness I am seeing around the world. I feel grateful for what I have and sadness for those who are facing terrible realities. We may too, but for this moment, I can see the small things, the things that matter, and I feel at home with the thought of hibernating for at least a few more months, for now.

What are you looking forward to when restrictions are eased?

Going back to my beloved studio & enjoying a pie & a long black from the next door coffee shop. Seeing my friends faces and giving them a big squeezy hug that goes on forever. Going to a bar and getting wretchedly drunk & dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Watching a new flick at cinema nova & stuffing my face with a wine and choc top.


Any reading/listening recommendations?

Yes! Instead of watching the news (I was becoming an addict tbh) I completely cut myself off and replaced it with artist documentaries. Fascinating. 
I highly recommend David Hockney 'Secret Knowledge' (which is also a book), Andrew Wyath (a doco about the famous painter hosted by Michael Palin), 'Finding Vivian Maier' a documentary about an American street photographer whose work was not discovered until after her death, 'Gerhard Richter Painting' the master talks openly about his techniques and I love his simple thoughts on what makes good art, and we're just about to watch a doco on one of my favourite photographers Francesca Woodman 'The Woodmans'.