Lucy Roleff

Lucy Roleff is a multi talented, Melbourne based painter & musician.

I met Lucy years ago when I wandered into Longplay for a drink and had the impulse to check out if anyone was playing in the back room. I entered to a captive audience and was blown away, my friend turned to me and said 'you look like you just fell in love' and I had to go and introduce myself when Lucy's set was finished.

What are you working on?

I'm currently preparing for two exhibitions later this year; my first solo exhibition and a duo exhibition. I'm very lucky that I can still use my studio, though admittedly even with the extra time, i've been working a bit more slowly than usual. I think it's normal and fine though - this isn't really business as usual so I don't think people should be hounding themselves too much.

How have you been coping with isolation & how have you managed to enjoy it?

Most of the time (pre-isolation) I was a slave to that little voice that says 'you should be doing more' - so activities that I enjoy such as sewing, baking and gardening were very much at the bottom of the list. I'm really enjoying returning to these hobbies without the guilt, or wondering what everyone else is dong that I should be doing.

Any rituals you can share with us?

My new ritual is sleeping with the blinds open, so I wake earlier, starting with yoga in the living room, coffee, maybe a walk around the block if i'm not going to the studio. If i'm at the studio, i'll make a thermos of tea and walk there, set up for the day and get going.

Could you share some reading/listening recommendations?

I'm reading the 30+ library books that I borrowed before the libraries closed - particularly enjoying Tove Jansson's "Travelling Light"

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