Bonita Kye

Founder & designer of Californian cult brand Kye intimates, Bonita Kye designs the kind of underwear you'll forget you're wearing, indicative of its comfort. Kye's concise range strikes a modernist cord of sensuality and simplicity - with clean, unfussy lines crafted in signature mesh, for gentle, every day support. 

Bonita shares her design considerations & personal rituals with us below.

the Ikebana bra & Daily triangle bra

Where are you based and how has your locality influenced or informed you?

Living by the sea and mountains in Santa Monica is a gentle reminder to make intentional choices that care for both the planet and the people we adore.

Why has it remained important for you to keep production close to home?

As fashion can be one of the most impactful industries on the planet, producing locally allows us to simplify our processes, improve quality control, support local businesses and build genuine connections with every artisan who takes part in creating each piece.

The Ikebana bra

Notably, the range is wire free, can you elaborate on this decision?

I find people to be the most beautiful when they’re comfortable—choosing to remain wire-free provides fluidity and overall ease.

What drew you to the signature mesh fabrication the pieces are largely crafted in?

The duality of mesh allows you to play with structured silhouettes while maintaining an element of softness.

How have you sought to include a diverse range of bodies in your design processes?

The collection is a tight edit with each piece serving a purpose and offering intentional forms of support.

The Mies brief & Daily triangle bra

To where do you gravitate to rekindle inspiration?

The sea and my friends—they are way cooler than me and inspire me greatly :)

And lastly, why do you continue to create and what legacy do you hope to leave?

My hope for KYE is to continue to hold space in celebrating the innate beauty of every woman.