Jemyma Kavanagh

With a lineage of tailoring & dressmaking in her DNA, Hyde & Stone's Jemyma Kavanagh imbues this intergenerational knowledge within her work. The result is a refined, decisive collection of modern tailoring, workwear and trendless staples. Localised manufacturing is a rarity in today's fashion climate, so remarkably, each Hyde & Stone piece is produced in NSW. Furthering our appreciation for this considered practice.

More on Jemyma's philosophy & processes below.

Jemyma wears the Isla trouser

What led you here & what inspired you to launch Hyde & Stone?

Hyde & Stone is an extension of myself and my core personal values. The brand emerged from humble beginnings. From a background in fashion design and clothing production, and with a family lineage rich in skilled tailors and creatives. I worked closely with my grandmother, an incredible tailor whose influence has become a pivotal chapter in the brand's inception. In those early stages, I dedicated countless hours to the intricate processes of design, patternmaking, and garment construction and meticulously tailored and made-to-order garments to the unique measurements of each customer.

The motive behind Hyde & Stone from the beginning was to craft garments that transcend seasons and trends – classic, well-made pieces focusing on fit and premium, (predominantly) natural materials for women to feel confident in and to love in their wardrobes for years.

I have always been passionate about my values as both a consumer and a business to not pursue a mass-produced brand that is just disposable clothing, especially not made of synthetic (plastic) materials. The ethos of Hyde & Stone is not merely about creating clothing; it is a manifestation of my values, a dedication to enduring craftsmanship, and a commitment to redefining the narrative of fashion consumption through conscious consumerism and creating capsule wardrobe essentials that are designed to endure.

How would you describe the brand's essence?

Hyde & Stone's essence embodies effortless luxury and meticulous curation. Rooted in a rich heritage of tailoring and craftsmanship, the brand is a testament to timeless design principles and a commitment to sustainable luxury. Each collection embodies impeccable tailoring, premium materials, and a dedication to quality over mass-produced disposability. The brand's essence is a symphony of enduring quality, versatility, and a celebration of craftsmanship, offering women timeless pieces that transcend trends and embrace conscious consumerism.

In building timeless & season-less capsule ranges, what are the main factors of consideration?

In building timeless and season-less capsule ranges, my design philosophy revolves around multiple key considerations. Embracing a classic aesthetic and focusing on simplicity and elegance to create pieces that transcend trends. A carefully curated neutral color palette that ensures versatility, allowing seamless integration into various wardrobe combinations. The selection of high-quality materials not only imparts a luxurious feel but also guarantees durability, contributing to the longevity of each garment. I prioritise versatile silhouettes that are designed to be layered and worn on repeat. I am also dedicated to meticulous garment construction and flattering fits throughout my design and manufacturing process. Sustainability is woven into the fabric of my creations, guiding choices in material sourcing and manufacturing practices. These considerations collectively shape capsule ranges that embody timeless style, impeccable quality, and a commitment to sustainability.

(Left) Sigrid dress (Right) Exclusive Bonita vestCamille short

How has your locality influenced the brand & if so, in what ways?

Born in Byron, an idyllic coastal town that reflects the brand's roots of an understated sense of ease and confidence. Hyde & Stone is an effortless luxury womenswear label that is designed to transcend seasons with a resort sensibility. The evolution of the brand’s tailoring, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail has further flourished since relocating to Sydney’s Eastern suburbs—a move that seamlessly aligns with the brand's commitment to a quintessential coastal lifestyle and continues to shape its unique design perspective.

I believe your grandmother taught you a wealth of tailoring techniques. Can you speak to how this intergenerational knowledge has impacted you and shaped what Hyde & Stone has become?

I’ve always had a love for designing and drawing since I was a little girl. My earliest memories are of my grandmother’s art box, filled with watercolour pencils and fine art liners. These are some of my fondest memories growing up.

My grandmother is an incredible seamstress, with fine attention to detail and remarkable tailoring skills. Her years have been spent crafting lingerie with fine lace details, knitting, tailoring men’s suits and creating my mother’s wedding dress, tailored to perfection without any fittings from one tiny sketch. A sweetheart neckline, with the quintessential layered tulle ballgown silhouette with fine pearl beading that was individually sewn by hand onto the bodice. I remember watching both my grandmother's and my mother’s seamstress skills, having always been in awe of the true artisanal craftsmanship of creating a garment from start to finish.

Both my grandmother and mother have taught me how to make things well. How to create with natural fabrics and how they will last, how they will wear and how they will fall. They taught me not to consume so much, and not be wasteful.
I believe that quality is something that has been forever instilled in me with the intergenerational knowledge that has been passed down. This continues to shape the essence of Hyde & Stone’s commitment to creating effortless luxury womenswear that transcends beyond seasons.

Your pieces are produced in NSW, has it been specifically important to you to keep production local and why so?

Local production is integral to the DNA of the Hyde & Stone brand. My design philosophy and overall business approach have always been conscious and considered.

As a designer, it is crucial to consider your purpose and understand the foundations of good design, quality craftsmanship and tailoring construction, fabric composition and responsible and sustainable business practices.

Coming from a background in clothing production and integerational knowledge of tailoring, I am devoted to an in-house design development business model and work closely with all suppliers and makers from the initial fabric choice - its fabric composition, weight, texture and finishes to hand sketches and pattern development with my patternmakers, to garment construction throughout sampling and production with my small team of makers in Sydney to ensure that all Hyde & Stone garments are of the highest quality standard, produced in limited production runs with longevity in mind.

At the forefront of Hyde & Stone's ethos are responsible business practices, that align with my core personal values. The journey is a continuous process of refinement and self-questioning, perpetually seeking ways to elevate and improve.

Can you share some of the challenges you've faced in building your brand?

Building a brand amidst the intricate challenges of the global pandemic, compounded by the impact of severe flooding in the Northern Rivers region and economic downturns, has posed substantial hurdles for international expansion. However, despite these challenges, I am beyond grateful for the support of my community and the milestones achieved during the past three years.

In what ways do you hope to see the fashion industry change?

I am optimistic about a more responsible future in the fashion industry and the positive changes that are taking place in the European Union regarding sustainability to limit greenwashing in the fashion industry. The EU has been proactive in implementing regulations and initiatives that encourage brands to adopt more responsible and eco-friendly practices. From promoting circular economy models to emphasising transparency in the supply chain, these efforts are steering the industry toward a more sustainable future. It's incredible to witness such commitments, and I believe they reflect a broader global awareness of the environmental impact of fashion. This shift holds great promise for a more conscientious and responsible fashion landscape in the future.

(Left) Sigrid dress (Right) Bonita vest & Camille short

What's been feeding your inspiration of late?

A multitude of creative outlets - Art and gallery visits, fashion history and feminine silhouettes, fabric innovation, minimalism, creating in the kitchen and collaborating with friends, a sense of calm, travel, music, my partner - an incredibly talented creative and architect and creative friends and family. 

In times of flux and uncertainty, how do you centre yourself?

Mostly returning to nature and grounding - regular sunshine and ocean swims. Podcasts, saunas and self-care rituals.