Swedish Stockings

Nina fishbone tights


The Nina tights are semi-sheer, with a fishbone pattern through the weave. 

40 denier fishbone tights (semi-sheer) with a comfort waistband, flat seams and toe reinforcement.

Knitted from recycled yarn

Produced by Calze Ileana S.p.a. in Italy.


90% SENSIL® EcoCare recycled polyamide, 10% elastane

Please wash your stockings with the utmost care. Hand wash or wash on a delicate cycle and do not tumble dry or iron.


- Pre-stretch your tights, by placing one hand on the foot of one leg, and the other on the top of part of the tights and pulling them apart, gently, helps to get the yarn ready and mobile to be put on. This also promotes a longer life for the yarn. We recommend doing this after every wash.

- Only pull from the bottom up

If you feel that too much yarn is concentrated in one spot, or that the yarn looks uneven, take off the tights and repeat the process again, trying to pull as evenly as possible up your body. Do not try to move the yarn incrementally up your body, as this risks snagging the yarn and/or ruining the tights. Tights can only be stretched from the bottom up.



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